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     The Academy is an opportunity that is offered to all that are interested in perfecting their barbering craft. All of the Academy courses teach core skills that will advance technique, efficiency, and confidence in barbering. It is ideal for the cosmetologist or barbers that want to be more diverse with their talents. The format of the Academy is both hands on and theoretical. 

Group Work Shops

     In this work shop by Eddie Rosado, you will receive the knowledge and the confidence to execute techniques that are used for all haircuts. If you desire confident clipper cutting, or if you desire tips to great consistent haircuts then this is the class for you. Learn how to choose the right tools to use and when to use them. 

Hands-on Class 1-1

     During a hands on class, Eddie likes to focus on the topics that are much needed for the attendee. He will feature those topics during a 2 hour demonstration. Eddie will then walk the attendee through a hands-on exercise that has a systematic approach to cutting and styling hair.  All for the purpose of building confidence and efficiency for all who attend the course.

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